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Are you looking for a general practitioner or a doctor in Amsterdam? Having healthcare advice and treatment from a certified doctor is essential for your health and your general well-being. Whether you've just arrived or have already been living in Amsterdam for a while, it's not easy to find a good doctor or to know how the healthcare system works. Here you can find a quick overview of first steps needed to enrol in the Dutch healthcare system.

Amsterdam is not only the Netherlands' capital but also its most densely populated city. As a world famous city with canal buildings and tulips everywhere, Amsterdam welcomes expats with open arms. The canals or “canal belt” as we call it is a UNESCO Heritage listed area, and of course many expats want to live there. Thanks to Amsterdam’s diverse and liberal society, expats rarely have difficulties adjusting to life in the city – check for more information on how to settle in the country in the smoothest way. In spite of the fact that Amsterdam is such a welcoming city, it might not be that easy to find a doctor that matches your criteria and with whom you develop immediate empathy. Search on for your area and the language(s) you speak, and you will be matched with top-notch doctors that speak your language. Make sure you find a top-ranked general practitioner or doctor here!