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The healthcare system in the Netherlands

Whether you've just arrived or have already been living in the Netherlands for a while, it's not always easy to find a good doctor or know how the healthcare system works. First and foremost, you need to register with a private health insurance – this is mandatory for anyone living in the Netherlands. The basic plan costs about €100 on average and covers the basic standard of care such as appointments with your GP and hospital visits. You can add extras such as dental treatments and worldwide coverage, among others.

Once you are registered with a private health insurance, you must register with a general practitioner. Your general practitioner will be your go-to doctor, and they will refer you to a specialist if they see fit. There are some specialists that you can visit without having to go through a GP first, such as dentists. Also, in case of emergency you can go to a hospital without the need to be pre-registered there.

In the Netherlands, medical care is provided by university-educated doctors, all of whom are registered by the government. The quality of the healthcare in The Netherlands is outstanding, and most doctors speak English.

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Almost all doctors’ practices in the Netherlands are private. If you are referred to a specialist by your general practitioner, the specialist will most likely work at a hospital setting. Whilst you will probably get an appointment with your general practitioner in a couple days, you might have to wait a longer period to be able to see a specialist.

Several general practitioners’ practices in The Netherlands are full and consequently cannot take on any new patients. It is therefore useful to know that you may need to apply to more than one practice. Also, it is common that the health insurance you register with provides you with a list of general practitioners who will take on new patients.

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